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Interior Compact Laminate Interior Compact Laminate

As the compact laminate is non toxic, hygienic, anti static and wear resistant, it becomes a commonly used decorative building material for in interior design and decoration.

Optional Choices
Our company provides a wide range of interior decorative laminates that are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and patterns.
For instance, our interior compact laminates are available with thickness from 1.6 to 25mm and come in sizes such as 4'*6', 4'*8', 5'*6', 5'*10', 6'*6', 6'*8', 6'*12', etc.
Available colors include red, yellow, blue, green, purple, and more.

Features and Applications
1. With smooth surface, ease of cleaning and other great features, our interior compact laminate is widely used indoors. For example, the fire resistance and heat resistance make the compact grade laminate suitable for use as architectural interior wall panel.
2. As the interior compact laminate is a high density, solid phenolic core panel manufactured by pressing multiple layers of materials under high pressure and temperature, it offers high mechanical strength and can also be used as interior laminate floors.
3. In addition, this range of high pressure laminate can be used for making furniture, countertops, wet area lockers, interior doors, toilet cubicles and ceilings as a result of its strong resistance to scratch, impact and moisture, no toxicity and pollution.

As an experienced high pressure compact laminate manufacturer in China, Risewell also provides HPDL panels for use in laboratories, products with solid color core or multi color core, high pressure laminate, and more.

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