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Exterior Compact Laminate Exterior Compact Laminate Exterior Compact Laminate

Ordinary exterior decorative wall panels will certainly become deformed, damp or even rotten as a result of long term exposure to sunlight, rain, moisture and temperature changes. However, the exterior compact laminate provided by our company can overcome these shortcomings.

1. With great resistance to water, heat and corrosion, our compact grade laminate for exterior decoration purposes can withstand strong sunlight, rain, wind, rapid temperature changes, thus providing a long lifetime.
2. Also, it has high modulus of elasticity, tensile strength and impact resistance.
3. Additionally, this type of exterior decorative laminate has good self cleaning property, and the natural rain water may keep it clean.
These are the reasons why our high pressure compact laminate just needs to be cleaned every three to four years, while ordinary exterior wall panels need to be cleaned every year.

Available in various thicknesses, sizes, and colors, our exterior compact laminates can suit your diverse requirements. They are usually used in applications such as exterior wall cladding, exterior furniture, exterior balconies, and more.

We are a reputed manufacturer due to the high quality of our DEBO brand exterior compact laminates. In addition to compact grade laminates for exterior uses, we can also offer solid phenolic core panels for interior decoration, laboratory use, and more.

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