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Lab Grade Compact Laminate Lab Grade Compact Laminate

High quality and long lasting, our lab grade compact laminate is SGS certified. It is typically used for horizontal and vertical countertops in chemical, medical and pathogenic laboratories as well as clinics. Additionally, it can also be used in commercial, institutional and industrial operations where chemical resistance is important.

Why Us
During the lab design process, several factors should be taken into consideration. For instance, as the laboratory worktop and other types of laboratory furniture are subject to long term chemical corrosion, it should be made of corrosion resistant material, instead of ordinary panels. Our lab grade compact laminate is a thick high pressure laminate specifically designed for applications which require strong resistance to chemicals.

As our compact grade laminate is manufactured by pressing melamine resin impregnated chemical resistant decorative paper over layers of phenolic resin impregnated kraft paper at high pressures and temperatures, it offers good formability, dimensional stability, high resistance to wear, heat, steam, fire, acids, alkalis, corrosive salts and solvents, etc.

In addition, the lab grade compact laminate for laboratory use also provides great resistance to cracking, staining, immersion in boiling water and colour change under artificial lighting. Therefore, the lab grade high pressure decorative laminate is a preferred material for making lab countertops.

We are an experienced lab compact laminate manufacturer based in China. At Risewell we also provide products for interior uses. Decorative panels with solid color or multicolor core are also available.

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