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Solid Color Core Compact Laminate Solid Color Core Compact Laminate

The color core compact laminate is both aesthetic and functional, which is an ideal material for applications where the surface should be durable and decorative. As an experienced color core compact laminate manufacturer, our company provides color core compact laminates that are 1.6mm to 25mm thick and come in a wide variety of pure colors, so as to meet clients' different requirements.

Manufactured primarily using melamine resin and phenolic resin, our color core laminate material offers dense structure, high hardness, bending strength, strong resistance to scratch, impact and moisture. These features contribute to the long service life of our compact HPL. In addition, the color core compact laminate is resistant to heat, fire and emits no toxic, corrosive gases, so it is safe and eco friendly. As a result, our color core compact laminate has found many applications, including special countertops, table tops, display shelves, dividers, etc.

In addition to color core compact laminate, we also supply a vast range of other products, including our postforming compact HPL, exterior compact laminate, lab compact laminate, and more.

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