Postforming High Pressure Laminate

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Postforming High Pressure Laminate Postforming High Pressure Laminate

Ordinary high pressure decorative laminate typically comes with straight side edges, and may be found to be unsuitable for applications where a rolled edge is desirable, such as wall cladding corners, countertop corners, bench top corners, etc. However, our postforming high pressure laminate can be post-formed with a variety of edges such as waterfall edge, double round edge, arc edge, etc., so as to accommodate any countertop or surface design.

Our postformed laminate is made from thermosetting resins reinforced with cellulose fibers. It offers many advantages, such as high resistance to scratch, impact, moisture and heat, as well as long term stability and service life. As the postforming high pressure laminate is nontoxic, pollution free and totally hygienic, it is an environmentally friendly decoration material.

Our extensive experience in the decorative building material industry, coupled with our strict quality control measures, enables us to guarantee the quality of our compact laminates.

Risewell is an experienced postforming high pressure laminate manufacturer and supplier in China. In addition to postformed panels, we also provide lab grade compact laminate, multi color core compact grade laminate, and more.

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