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A locker is a storage compartment which is usually intended for private use of individuals for storing personal items. Traditional metal lockers are easy to get rusty, breed bacteria and have a peculiar odor. Hence, people tend to choose compact grade laminate lockers, which are rust resistant, nontoxic and pollution free. Our lockers are commonly founded in public places such as schools, hospitals, shopping malls, hotels, sport centers, fitness clubs, and more.

As a specialized compact grade laminate locker manufacturer and supplier, our company provides a wide range of quality lockers. Our products are manufactured using DEBO compact grade high pressure laminate with a variety of hardware for connecting and supporting aluminum profiles. They offer great impact and rust resistance, high durability, ease of cleaning, simple installation and maintenance. In addition, these lockers are steam and moisture resistant. This is why our compact laminate lockers can be used in high humidity areas such as swimming pools and sauna rooms, in addition to dry areas.

Our company strives to offer clients compact laminate lockers that are both aesthetic and functional.

Available in many colors, our lockers provide good decorative effect. Clients can use compact grade laminate lockers of different colors for zoning purpose.

In addition, our high pressure laminate storage cabinets can be used in combination with advanced lock, coin lock, number plate and wrist strap.

Sizes and Styles
Our range of lockers come in a variety of specifications, types and can be flexibly combined. Standard dimension for each column is 300W x 450D x 1800H (mm). We can make a number of columns in a group, normally 3 or 4 columns.

Available Types

Type Description
1T Single door locker unit: it is ideal for athletic clubs, gyms and other locations requiring larger storage spaces.
2T Two tier locker unit: with hanging rail, the compact grade laminate locker is suitable for nearly any application.
3T Three tier locker unit: it is intended for large bag storage in schools, shopping malls, train stations, etc.
4T Four tier locker unit: it is intended for small bag storage in supermarket, skating rinks and bowling centers.
2Z Z-Shape, 2 tiers locker unit: the compact laminate locker offers the space for clothing hook, suitable for use in hospitals and athletic clubs.
Compact Grade Laminate Lockers Compact Laminate Locker L126 Compact Laminate Locker L138
Compact Grade Laminate Lockers Compact Laminate Locker L126
Door: 12 or 13mm
Top/Base: 12mm
Sides/shelves: 12mm
Back: 3-6mm
Compact Laminate Locker L138
Door: 12 or 13 mm
Top/Base: 8mm
Sides/shelves: 8mm
Back: 3mm
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