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Compact Laminate Bench

As a professional compact laminate bench manufacturer and supplier, our company provides clients with a wide range of quality garden benches and park benches constructed using compact grade high pressure laminate.

Our range of laminate garden furniture and park furniture has found a wide range of applications.
1. Due to great moisture and weather resistance, our products can be used in high humidity areas such as fitness clubs, sauna rooms, swimming pools and sports centers, in addition to outdoor places such as gardens and parks.
2. Also, they are often found in dry places such as schools, hospitals, hotels and shopping malls where durability, functionality and design are all concerned.

Our compact laminate bench is manufactured using durable materials.
1. The bench legs are made of quality stainless steel or zinc alloy materials.
2. The bench top is made of high pressure decorative laminate, which is a solid, high density decorative panel made from thermosetting resins reinforced with cellulose fibers.

Due to the dense structure, high strength, moisture, rust and impact resistance of the HPDL panels, our compact laminate bench is easy to keep clean, simple to maintain and has a long service life. In addition, it is designed with radiused edges and corners for safety.

Why Us
Having been a compact laminate furniture fabricator for years, we understand that clients' requirements may greatly vary.
1. We offer compact laminate benches in various flexible styles, such as double sided hook style, single sided hook style, and no hook style.
2. A wide selection of compact bench colors is also available.
3. Our compact grade laminate furniture can be made to measure and design. The product dimensions can be flexibly altered according to the actual installation space, which makes the product easy to install.

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