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Compact Laminate Countertop

As an experienced compact laminate countertop manufacturer and supplier, our company has various high performance compact laminate tabletops for sale, like laminate kitchen worktops, bathroom countertops, etc. In addition, our laminate benchtops can be made to measure and design.

Why Us
1. The use of high quality decorative laminate results in our compact laminate countertop offering many great features, like high mechanical strength, great impact and scratch resistance, etc.
2. Our countertop is heat and moisture resistant, so it eliminates ugly cigarette burn marks and can be used in high humidity areas.
3. As our compact laminate table top adopts radiused edges, corners, and doesn't emit toxic gases and support bacteria growth, it is suitable for use in homes, hotels, and many other places where safety and hygiene are important.

DEBO compact laminate countertop is available in three styles in terms of configuration. Straight edge
Round edge
Inclined edge

Colors Available

The compact laminate is a durable self supporting decorative surface material, and is typically made from thermosetting resins reinforced with cellulose fibers under high pressure and temperature. In addition to countertops, it can also be used to make lockers, benches, toilet cubicles, etc.

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