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About Us

Risewell has been a high pressure compact laminate manufacturer since 1997. We design and manufacture a vast array of panels and HPCL systems for commercial and residential applications. In order to satisfy the demands of today's markets, we constantly evolve our product range, and now we provide compact laminates for both interior and exterior decorations, compact grade laminates with solid color or multicolor cores, postforming high pressure laminates, etc. Also available are complete solutions for laminate locker, bench, countertop, toilet cubicle, wall cladding system, and more. All our products are sold under our brand name DEBO.

Our high pressure decorative laminates offer high mechanical strength, no pollution, great impact resistance, heat resistance, long life, easy installation, and low maintenance. In addition, they are not affected by moisture or steam and will not rot. Hence, our solid phenolic core panels can be used in both dry and damp environments. Currently our postforming panel and other types of decorative building materials are extensively used in health clubs, schools, sauna rooms, hospitals, shopping malls, hotels, and more.

At Risewell, we strive to achieve customer satisfaction by providing quality composite panels and complete compact laminate solutions as well. Putting to use our over fourteen years of experience in the field helps us to ensure product quality. In addition, we encourage our management staff and production team to continually improve so they possess the knowledge and technical skills required for the production of quality decorative surface materials. We also apply the ISO9001 quality management system standards during the whole order process, from design and production, to packing and shipping. Our regular communication with customers also helps us to make our compact grade high pressure laminate and HPCL systems that meet market demands. Now our quality products are CE, TUV, and SGS compliant, so worldwide customers can feel secure in purchasing them.

In addition to quality compact laminates, we at Risewell provide services that keep our customers coming back. One-stop services are available, including HPCL system design, production, installation, and consultation. With agencies in 8 countries, we are working to expand our distribution network by establishing agencies in more countries, so we can quickly meet the needs of our global customers. Due to our high quality products and fast service, we have maintained long term business cooperation with customers in more than 65 countries.

Our location in Shenzhen, near Guangzhou and Hong Kong, enables us to ship compact grade laminates and laminate products to more than 100 countries directly. The convenient transportation facilities here not only facilitate quick delivery of goods but also help reduce shipping costs for our customers.

We at Risewell never stop striving to build dreams, create new milestones, and make improvements.


We at Risewell have provided DEBO compact grade laminate and HPCL systems to customers from 65 countries and regions worldwide, including the USA, China, Germany, India, Ireland, Kuwait, Norway, New Zealand, Sweden, Singapore, and UAE, to name a few.



DEBO (DEcorative BOards) was created in 2004. Now, DEBO is known for its performance and innovation in countries throughout the world. Many world's leading architects and designers choose DEBO compact laminate and laminate systems for their projects. DEBO has become a creative, progressive, and international brand.

Our Approach
We believe we will be successful if our clients are satisfied.
We believe that being a leader in a field requires the best people.
We also believe that our mindset determines our actions.
Therefore, for us to be successful, we insist on the following three principles of our daily work to make our firm strong and enduring:
Global Mindset
This means we view the world as a whole. We deliver the right compact laminate products and solutions to clients no matter what countries or regions are they from, with more value than they expected.
Quality and Service First
Uphold absolute integrity in providing the best value in products and services for the price paid.
Changing by Learning
We know the best word to describe the world is CHANGING. We understand the need to remain current with the latest technologies and industry know-how. Therefore, we strive to continually learn from experience, in order to increase our knowledge of our work.

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