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Guangzhou Olympic Stadium

Location: Guangzhou, China.
The 16th Asian Games was held in Guangzhou from November 12 to 27, 2010. Guangzhou Olympic Stadium was a main venue of the Games. The stadium was built in 2001, having a capacity of 80,012 with multi-colored seats that are positioned in multiple sections and connected via a ribbon pattern. Refurbishment of the stadium was required for the 16th Asian Games.

Risewell was selected for upgrading all the toilet partition systems. DEBO Nylon Yawen Series compact laminate toilet cubicles are suitable for stadiums where elegant, functional and economical elements are all concerned.

Finish: Nov., 2009
The Front View of the Stadium DEBO Yawen Nylon Series Compact Laminate Toilet Cubicles View of the Stadium Inside

Luohu Shopping Town

Location: Shenzhen, China.
Located in the Shenzhen Railway Station and the Luohu Boarder, Luohu Shopping Town is one of the most popular shopping centers in Shenzhen. Hence, high durability, moisture resistance, impact and pressure resistance are required for toilet environment in such kind of place. This shopping town has 252 toilet cubicles completed by Shenzhen Risewell, using DEBO-29571 Amber Maple Compact Laminate, Zinc Alloy Sunshine Series.

Finish: completed in February 2008 and August 2009 in batches
DEBO Sunshine Series Compact Laminate Toilet Partition System An Outside View of Luohu Shopping Town

East Pacific Group Business Center

Location: Shenzhen, China
It is going to be a landmark of Shenzhen city, the top building in the west part of the Center, and the most concentrated group of business offices.

The entire project is made up of 4 major parts: office buildings (two, about 190m and 150m high), hotel (one, about 100m high), business apartments (two, about 300m and 255m high) and commercial part (65,365m2). It presents the largest giant building on both sides of Shennan Rd.

Shenzhen Risewell Industry Company is a professional manufacturer and developer of compact laminate toilet partitions. Our experienced and creative team has been working with The East Pacific Group closely to achieve the harmony and consistence between the toilet space and its surrounding environment, thus making the Business Center a top leisure mall which promotes culture, fashion, technology and entertainment.

Finish: The total project is expected to be completed in 2012.
The East Pacific Group Business Center Under Construction Now DEBO Concealed Series Toilet Cubicles

Rongchao Commercial Center

Location: Shenzhen CBD
Rongchao Commercial Center, an A-level Office building composed of over 40 floors, is the landmark of Shenzhen CBD. The deluxe toilet partitioning system is fabricated by Shenzhen Risewell Industry Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Greatwall Furniture Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. The tower has 218 toilet cubicles manufactured using a combination of materials-DEBO 3746 Silver Drawbench and Stainless Steel Shoebox Series.

Finish: August 2008.

San Bai Shan Village

Location: Anyuan, Jiangxi Province.
San Bai Shan Village is a famous national 5-star leisure park. The project is developed by Shenzhen Haixuan Investment & Development Co., Ltd. who appointed Risewell to make over 500 sets of laminate lockers for their Guest Room. Risewell chose DEBO-1932 Antique White, and L126 series lockers system design.

Finish: December 2008.
Installation Site Guest Room Lockers

Time Square (Haikou)

Location: Haikou, Hainan Province.
Located in the joint of Longkun North Road and Guomao Road, Haikou Times Square is one of the Symbolic buildings in Hainan. The building center consists of offices, shopping malls, hotels and entertainment center. It has over 250 toilet partitions that all made of DEBO-3748 Corrugated Aluminum and Zinc Alloy Shadow Hardware.

Finish: August 2009.
DEBO Shadow The Gym Center

Electric Power Plant

Location: Zhejiang, China.
Due to the radiation pressure brought by the power plant, traditional MDF board and aluminum composite panel are not suitable for making the wall here. Hence, Zhejiang Electric Power Plant Group appointed Risewell to upgrade the facility for Operating Center using pressure resistant DEBO compact laminate.
Risewell provided one-stop services for the customer, including design, production, and installation and consultation. This Electric Power Plant project used 8mm thick compact laminate antique white, hanging wall systems, totaling about 800 square meters of each floor. Now compact laminate wall cladding is slowly becoming the preferred solution for wall systems in power plants, chemical plants, etc.

Finish: April 2009.
The project is the second wall system project we have done so far for Electric Power Plants Company, because we have finished the first project for Guangdong Shaoguan Electric Power Plant Company in 2008.

The Electric Power Plant Fabrication Site

Governmental Agencies

Long Gang Radiate TV Station (Shenzhen Branch).

Railway Public Security Bureau on Lou Hu Peace Road.

Ling Ao Nuclear Power Station in Da Peng, Shenzhen.

Business Administration Building in Long Gang, Shenzhen.

Social Security Bureau in Shenzhen.

Zeng Cheng Ci You Center in Guangdong.

The Olympics Gymnasium in Guangzhou

Radiate TV Station Building in Shanghai.

Lou Hu Custom Entry Hall in Shenzhen.

National Defence Education Training Base in Baoshi Road, Bao'an area, Shenzhen, China

Ji Zheng Building for Nan Shan Bureau of Public Security Branch. Shenzhen, China

Xin Yue Police Station in Fan Shen Road, Bao'an, Shenzhen.

Shanghai Gymnasium (for 80,000 people )

Da'ya Wan Economic and Technology Exploitation in Hui'yang.

Shan'xi International Exhibition Hall.

High-technology Industry Area in Shen Nan Road, Shenzhen.

Shenzhen Software Area in Top Technology Area.

Construct Council Office Building in Xi'an.

Ma Yong Office Building in Xi'an.

Business Organizations

Shenzhen An'lian Mansion.

Shenzhen Nou'de Center.

Shenzhen Investment Mansion.

Shenzhen Spaceflight Mansion.

Che Gong'miao Innovation Technology Mansion in Shenzhen.

Shenzhen Technology Mansion.

Shenzhen Electron Technology Mansion.

Shenzhen Guo'tong Mansion.

Hubei Bao'feng Mansion in Shenzhen.

Pacific Ocean Business Trade Mansion in Jia'bin Road, Shenzhen.

Bao'an Guan Li'da Mansion in Shenzhen.

Shen Ye Logistics Mansion in Shenzhen.

Shenzhen International Trust and Investment Mansion.

Technology Guo'ren Communications Mansion in Shenzhen.

Overseas Chinese Town Headquarters Command Mansion in Shenzhen.

Shenzhen Abroad Decoration Mansion.

Huizhou Yu'ri Group Headquarters Mansion.

Shanghai Xin Hua'lian Mansion.

Shenyang Telecom Mansion.

Da'lian Jinzhou Development Area Mansion.

Shenyang Zhong'xin Business Mansion.

Hong Kong Changsha Wan Aetna Mansion.

Nan Ning Unicom Mansion.

Shanghai Tang'chen Finance Center.

Dong'guan Guan'cheng First International.

Liao Yuan Train Station.

Da Lian Train Station.

Shenzhen Technology Garden.

Shenzhen Unite Plaza.

Shenzhen Sai'ge Plaza.

Shenzhen International Trade Center.

Shenzhen International Chamber of Commerce Center.

Shenzhen Citizen Center.

Changchun International Exhibition Center.

Fu'tian Rong'chao Business Affairs Center in Shenzhen.

Shenzhen Stock Market Place.

Unite Security in Ren'min South Road in Shenzhen.

Agricultural Bank of Shenzhen Headquarters.

Agricultural Bank of Chun'feng Branch.

China Construction Bank around Hong'hu Walmart.

China Construction Bank of Mei'ling Branch.

China Merchants Bank in Mei'long Road, Longhua, Shenzhen.

Bank of China in Shen'nan Road, Louhu, Shenzhen.

China Minsheng Bank in Industry Two-way, Shekou, Shenzhen.

Everbright Bank in Zu Zi'lin Branch.

Foxconn Group Company.

Konka Group Company.

Shenzhen International Tender Co.,Ltd.

Shenzhen Guo'xin Security Co.,Ltd.

Shi'yan En Si'mai Electron in Shenzhen.

Sang'da Bai'li Electrical Equipment Company in Shenzhen.

Tian'wei Shi'yun Co.,Ltd. in Shenzhen.

Da Ling'shan Jin'ming Electron Group Company in Dong'guan.

Guangzhou Threeleaf Electromechanical Co.,Ltd.

Ang'na Group Company in High-technology Area.

Guangzhou Honda 4s in Shang'tang, Long'hua, Shenzhen.

Toyota Car Exhibition Hall in Guangzhou Car Exhibition.

Huizhou TCL Fine Area.

Si'ping Tobacco Factory.

Hong Kong Forever Company.

Hua'ling Market in Urumchi, Sinkiang.

Da Jing'jiu Logistics Area in Chang'ping,Dong'guan.

Zhenhao Industry Area in San'he Development Area in Huizhou.

Yan'tian Harbor Tertiary Container Wharf in Shenzhen.

Employee Eatery in Bao'an Aerodrome.

Shanwei Electric Power Manufacture Attemper Center.

Shantou Electric Power Manufacture Attemper Center.

Yan'tian Harbor Container Wharf Service Hall in Shenzhen.

Education Organizations

Library of nanshan Shenzhen university

Shenzhen institute of tsinghua university

Shenzhen futian library

Shenzhen bibo middle school

Shenzhen ping mountain high school

Shenzhen experimental school

Shenzhen senior technical college

Shenzhen adult education college

Shenzhen meilin stylistic center

Beijing polytechnic institute of zhuhai

Following enterprise industry architectural design institute

Hong Kong,Shatian,TanZhao elementary school

Hong Kong Po kang village MaSong deep middle school

Hong Kong Po kang village Tin Ka Ping elementary school

Hong Kong merrill village elementary school

The Colleague City in India

Hong Kong International School (HKIS)

The united Arab emirates ABU dhabi university

Medical Organization

Shenzhen people's hospital

Shenzhen maternity and child care centers

Shenzhen luohu hospital

Shenzhen futian forestry road ophthalmic hospital

Shenzhen futian hospital of tranditional Chinese and Western medicine

Shenzhen Guanlan hi-tech park 999 medicine base

Shandong Texas huambo center hospital

Leisure/Entertainment/General Merchandise

Shenzhen taoyuan sports park

Shenzhen donghu park

Hunan zhangjiajie yellowstone village six odd park

Hunan zhangjiajie national forest park

Shenzhen silver &golden lake tennis court

Shenzhen Maya club

Shenzhen Construction Road three island leisure centre

Shenzhen aixihua hot springs center

Zhuhai ocean& hot spring resort

Shenzhen shangri-la hotel

Shenzhen Luohu Business Center

3F Shenzhen henggang new world square 3F

Shenzhen Forbidden City mall

Shenzhen stars square

Dongguan Danga Bay shopping plaza

Shenzhen maoye emporium

Shenzhen rainbow market

Shenzhen suibao general merchandise

Shenzhen nanshan sea elegance department stores

Shanghai wanxiang department stores

Shenzhen China Resources wanxiang city

Shenzhen baoan chuangye way suning appliance

Shenzhen east HuaDou A-Best Shopping Mall

Shenzhen luohu garden A-Best Shopping Mall

Shenzhen Trust-mart shopping plaza

Changchun legou supermarket

Shenzhen longhua store of CRVanguard

Shenzhen yitian stores of CRVanguard

Guangzhou haizhu store of CRVanguard

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